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Protecting Businesses and Artists

Creativity has many paths – Musicians, Actors, Directors, Inventors, Fashion Designers, Visual Artists, Laboratory Scientists, Writers, and the businesses that bring it all together  Publishers, Production Companies, Theatrical Agents and more. The variety is staggering. The visions and the work they produce are all utterly different and unique. What do they have in common?

At Waseme Associates we know that our diverse creative clients have common needs. Creative individuals and businesses of all types need properly constructed contracts and protection for their intellectual property – trademarks, copyrights and patents. Our clients need legal assistance with caring for their businesses and staying current with compliance of laws, tax codes and international standards. The artists, scientists, writers, inventors and businesses we represent need legal intervention and defense to protect their rights and their profits.

Wherever your creative path leads, we are here to help. Please explore our website. Contact us now!



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